Transform your business with AI.

Practical course on developing a strategy for implementing artificial intelligence in business.

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About the course

Want to optimize your business?

Want to enhance user experience and boost sales with the help of artificial intelligence?

This course is for You!

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8 online sessions on Saturdays in the first half of the day

Throughout which, you will learn to apply artificial intelligence tools in practice.


Top AI

Popular neural networks

Study and learn to use neural networks such as ChatGPT, Syntesia,, and others.



Grow together with AI


We will cover business process automation, content creation, improving user experience, and brand development.

Who is our course suitable for?

  • Entrepreneurs

    aiming to optimize their business processes and take their business to a new level

  • Specialists

    in the field of sales, marketing, and copywriting, seeking new ways to accomplish their tasks

  • Professionals

    already familiar with the basics of AI but looking to deepen their knowledge and enhance current skills.

We will teach you how to:

  • 01.

    Understand the basics of neural networks and how to choose the appropriate type of neural network for a specific task

  • 02.

    Create content and build a brand using ChatGPT.

  • 03.

    Increase conversions, create video scripts, generate leads, and run contextual advertising using ChatGPT.

  • 04.

    Develop marketing strategies and enhance user experience using MidJourney, Syntesia,, and other AI tools.

  • 05.

    Create your personal assistant and automate business processes with ChatGPT.

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Course Curriculum

We have updated the course curriculum in 2023 based on student feedback, market research, and interviews with employers and experts.


Lesson 1

Fundamentals of working with GPT and its plugins.

  • Introduction to GPT: What It Is and How It Works.
  • GPT for Teams.
  • Overview of ChatGPT Plugins.

Practice: working with various ChatGPT plugins.


Lesson 1

Analysis with Chatting with GPT.

  • Learn to Save Time with GPT.
  • Correct Data Analysis with GPT.
  • Presentation of Data in a Visual Format.

Practice: Using ChatGPT for Data Analysis and Forecasting.


Lesson 1

Creating a Chatbot for Social Networks Using GPT.

  • Overview of Tools for Creating Bots.
  • Sales and Cold Outreach Through AI.

Practice: Creating a Chatbot for Social Networks.


Lesson 1

Working with Design and Developing Layouts Using AI.

  • Overview of Tools for Creating Advertising Layouts.
  • Overview of Tools for Creating Social Media Posts.
  • Overview of Tools for Creating High-Quality Presentations.

Practice: Practical Work on Creating an Animated Avatar.


Lesson 1

Creating Advertising Videos with AI for Social Networks.

  • Generating Ideas for Videos in Chat GPT.
  • Overview of the Most Popular Neural Networks for Video Content Creation.

Practice: Creating Advertising Videos for Social Networks Using AI.


Lesson 1

Presentation of Projects and Course Overview.

  • Review of Key Course Points and Discussion on the Opportunities for Further Use of AI in Business.

Practice: Presenting Your Projects, Feedback, Recommendations on Further Uses of AI in Business.


Lesson 1

Integration of Applications for Business Process Automation.

  • Using GPT for Analyzing Calls and Videos.
  • Integration of Various No-Code Platforms for Business Process Automation.

Practice: Analyzing Sales Managers' Calls.


Lesson 1

Gemini. The difference between Gemini and Chat GPT.

  • Getting Acquainted with Gemini.
  • Which is better, Gemini or GPT?

Practice: Working with Gemini.


What will be the results?

Efficiency at a new level:

After completing our course, you will use neural networks like only the top 5% of users do.

Your workflow will become faster, smarter, and more efficient, allowing you to save valuable time every day.

Your personal AI assistant:

Under the guidance of our specialists, you will create your own AI assistant.

This tool will automatically handle sales and communication with clients, freeing you up to address more important strategic tasks.


Deep dive
into the world of AI:

You won't just learn about neural networks – you will gain knowledge and practical skills in working with 5+ cutting-edge technologies.

This will allow you to stay one step ahead of competitors and quickly adapt to changing market conditions.


The sense of complete control:

Forget about constant stress and the feeling of drowning in operational work.

After our course, you will be surprised by how much free time you have, which used to be consumed by routine tasks.


Join our course,

and discover the power of artificial intelligence in your business!

The course is developed

by the founder of a successful programming and robotics school for children aged 4 to 15 in Brooklyn.

This school has helped numerous children grasp the fundamentals of programming and robotics, and is now ready to share its knowledge and experience with adults aspiring to use AI in their business.

  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • 12 years of experience in the education
  • School rating: 5 stars
  • Partners worldwide

Konstantin Zhuchkov

Course creator

Founder of a successful school


Questions and Answers


How long does the course last?

The course lasts for 2 months with practical sessions.


How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is 2 hours, and after the session, you can stay an additional 1 hour for questions and case discussions.


When does it start?

The course begins on November 21st.


Why is this course needed?

Companies worldwide are actively seeking professionals with skills in working with neural networks, as it is a key tool for processing and analyzing large volumes of data. Understanding neural networks allows entrepreneurs and professionals to propose new solutions and services that set them apart from competitors. Neural networks can be a tool for realizing personal projects and ideas. They can also serve as a bridge to other areas of artificial intelligence. Neural networks can automate and optimize many business processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


What will this course provide?

More free time, as neural networks boost efficiency. The quality of work will improve, as you will learn to harness the potential of neural networks better than 90% of users. You will create your own AI assistant that will sell for you on social networks.


Will there be recordings?

Yes, but still, it's not advisable to miss the sessions!


The best choice

Join our course

and discover the power of artificial intelligence in your business!

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